New Skullcandies! :D

Okay, quick update! I got new earbuds(my 3rd pair of skullcandies).

This is how its worked, lol.

I needed quality headphones. I got the lowriders, but then realized they had leather, so FYE was gracious enough to exchange them for vegan friendly earbuds.

I got the pink Inked earbuds, but after a month and a half, the left earbud broked-ed! D:

SO I suffered with the stock apple ones as I filed a warrenty report. I still have to mail them in for an exchange.

Then at target with Jon (@d_squall on twitter) I saw some plain skullcandies on sale for ten bucks. Going Insane I nabbed them.

Then at Wor-Wic’s school store, I totally saw the Mic’d earbuds, and while My new ones still work(those aren’t mic’ed) I plan to use those as mainly a backup anyway.

Regardless, I need to send the pink ones back to skullcandy, but I can use those as a backup, use my Mic’d ones for recording and use the black normal ones for work(dont wanna break my mic’d ones!)

So you’re probably screaming at me because I keep buying headphones ad shit. But these apple stock ones HURT my ears. Skull cand in ear style ones without the little silicone ones fit PERFECTLY and I can wear them for hours and hours without pain(ten hour work days) and they wont fall out of my ears when I talk! And I needed a Microphone that’d work with my Ipod Touch so I can record when I’m say bike riding or whatever to churn out more podcasts! 😀

Not mad at me anymore huh?


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