So Many Sites, So Many Accounts! D:

Have you ever signed up for a site, because it was the coolest thing since tofu, but really had no use for it?

Has this ever gotten out of control?

That’s how I feel!

Mobamingle, twitter, facebook, myspace, xanga, steam, wordpress,, godaddy,etsy, gaiaonline, paypal, my bank’s site, tumblr, openfeint, wattpad, facebook, amazon, MSN, ivegan, good guide, get satisfaction(no it’s not a porn site i swear!), happy-cow, gmail, The Animal Liberation Forums(were still trying to rename, lol), skype , apple, and gmail.

So I guess I need to separate the things I use most, from the things i DON’T use/like(and don’t use anymore!)

And I need to put reasoning behind it! 🙂


Wattpad- I read Novels On There, and can post my own. 🙂

Facebook-I hate it but it’s got a TON of AR stuff

Amazon-Need Textbooks

Etsy- Totally addictive, make buy/sell things.

Gaia-I’m a mod in the eco group, I have to stay.

Get Satisfaction I may as well keep, iVegan and Goodguide use it for their suggestion boxes.

Happy-cow – how else will i keep track of the vegan restaurants?

Gmail-Im trying to switch to… Ill hang onto gmail tho…

Animal Liberation Forums- I use these a LOT… Keeping!

Skype- Its a nice IM because everyone uses it, lol.

iVegan- App built on community and submissions by members. I must partake in keeping its accuracy! 🙂

MSN- My account is w/the college…. I cant get rid of it.

Twitter- i use this to keep up on the news! 🙂

Steam/Openfeint- What I use to Game…

Apple- I need this for my ipod touch… Which I’d wither away and die w/o. It’s made my life SOOOO much easier! 🙂

Amazon- Textbooks cheaper than the school store. Nuff Said.

Paypal- I need to pay for things on etsy and Amazon(and steam if i buy anything!)

My Bank’s Site- Well DURRRR I need to keep my website hosted SOMEWHERE! 😛

WordPress-How else would I get long chunks of info automatically available to my fellow mobile and desktop users! This is a journal of sorts! 🙂 It also hosts my podcast url! 🙂

Don’t Use:

Mobamingle: Host’s my novel. Can save them as .TXT’s and put them on wattpad as needed.

Good Guide, I don’t login, I use them as a reference.

Myspace- I’ve logged into it like ONCE since i made my account…

Xanga- I dont really use it, I’ll just save all my cool posts and re-post them as updates here! 🙂

Tumblr- It seems SO cool, but i have a wordpress and tumblr doesn’t do what I need it to do for my blog. Oh well!


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