The blog I originally updated this with is out of date.

You can find all future posts on

I’m changing the name there AGAIN but the blogspot URL will stay the same. :3

Since I’ve gone towards being a blogger about being vegan on the Eastern Shore, It makes since to give it a common sense name so in the next few weeks the blog will be name changed and everything! ❤

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A Peta Investigation Outs a Company that Has Ties Close to Home


I hate peta, but damnit this is close to where I live! D:
And go here: (I
got this from a local news channel) Its a SHAME that this is NOT getting more fucking publicity! This is what enrages the fuck out of me! If they KNOW this company has ties to a place in Millsboro WHY are they not demanding to KNOW! OUT OF FUCKING SIT OUT OF FUCKING MIND!?
I swear I’M going to have to become an undercover investigator MYSELF  if we want to see improvement! I can guarantee you that the ONLY reason that this article was SO LIGHTLY FUCKING TOUCHED UPON IS BECAUSE ITS FROM FUCKING PETA! AUGH! DAMN WELFAREISTS!

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So Many Sites, So Many Accounts! D:

Have you ever signed up for a site, because it was the coolest thing since tofu, but really had no use for it?

Has this ever gotten out of control?

That’s how I feel!

Mobamingle, twitter, facebook, myspace, xanga, steam, wordpress,, godaddy,etsy, gaiaonline, paypal, my bank’s site, tumblr, openfeint, wattpad, facebook, amazon, MSN, ivegan, good guide, get satisfaction(no it’s not a porn site i swear!), happy-cow, gmail, The Animal Liberation Forums(were still trying to rename, lol), skype , apple, and gmail.

So I guess I need to separate the things I use most, from the things i DON’T use/like(and don’t use anymore!)

And I need to put reasoning behind it! 🙂


Wattpad- I read Novels On There, and can post my own. 🙂

Facebook-I hate it but it’s got a TON of AR stuff

Amazon-Need Textbooks

Etsy- Totally addictive, make buy/sell things.

Gaia-I’m a mod in the eco group, I have to stay.

Get Satisfaction I may as well keep, iVegan and Goodguide use it for their suggestion boxes.

Happy-cow – how else will i keep track of the vegan restaurants?

Gmail-Im trying to switch to… Ill hang onto gmail tho…

Animal Liberation Forums- I use these a LOT… Keeping!

Skype- Its a nice IM because everyone uses it, lol.

iVegan- App built on community and submissions by members. I must partake in keeping its accuracy! 🙂

MSN- My account is w/the college…. I cant get rid of it.

Twitter- i use this to keep up on the news! 🙂

Steam/Openfeint- What I use to Game…

Apple- I need this for my ipod touch… Which I’d wither away and die w/o. It’s made my life SOOOO much easier! 🙂

Amazon- Textbooks cheaper than the school store. Nuff Said.

Paypal- I need to pay for things on etsy and Amazon(and steam if i buy anything!)

My Bank’s Site- Well DURRRR I need to keep my website hosted SOMEWHERE! 😛

WordPress-How else would I get long chunks of info automatically available to my fellow mobile and desktop users! This is a journal of sorts! 🙂 It also hosts my podcast url! 🙂

Don’t Use:

Mobamingle: Host’s my novel. Can save them as .TXT’s and put them on wattpad as needed.

Good Guide, I don’t login, I use them as a reference.

Myspace- I’ve logged into it like ONCE since i made my account…

Xanga- I dont really use it, I’ll just save all my cool posts and re-post them as updates here! 🙂

Tumblr- It seems SO cool, but i have a wordpress and tumblr doesn’t do what I need it to do for my blog. Oh well!

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New Skullcandies! :D

Okay, quick update! I got new earbuds(my 3rd pair of skullcandies).

This is how its worked, lol.

I needed quality headphones. I got the lowriders, but then realized they had leather, so FYE was gracious enough to exchange them for vegan friendly earbuds.

I got the pink Inked earbuds, but after a month and a half, the left earbud broked-ed! D:

SO I suffered with the stock apple ones as I filed a warrenty report. I still have to mail them in for an exchange.

Then at target with Jon (@d_squall on twitter) I saw some plain skullcandies on sale for ten bucks. Going Insane I nabbed them.

Then at Wor-Wic’s school store, I totally saw the Mic’d earbuds, and while My new ones still work(those aren’t mic’ed) I plan to use those as mainly a backup anyway.

Regardless, I need to send the pink ones back to skullcandy, but I can use those as a backup, use my Mic’d ones for recording and use the black normal ones for work(dont wanna break my mic’d ones!)

So you’re probably screaming at me because I keep buying headphones ad shit. But these apple stock ones HURT my ears. Skull cand in ear style ones without the little silicone ones fit PERFECTLY and I can wear them for hours and hours without pain(ten hour work days) and they wont fall out of my ears when I talk! And I needed a Microphone that’d work with my Ipod Touch so I can record when I’m say bike riding or whatever to churn out more podcasts! 😀

Not mad at me anymore huh?

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Podcast Podcast Podcast! :D

Okay, I finally made my own podcast! It is mainly about animal rights, BUT squee!!! :]

I decided to do this out of my lack of time, about ten minute long podcasts, hopefully every day, on the highlights of the podcast. is the link to the itunes page! :]

If you have something you want to share on air, leave a comment!

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